Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Not long now....

So is everyone getting excited? Melodee is packing her suitcases ready for her trip across the pond to meet us all, I just hope that I have covered everything, can't believe that it is time for the classes already, seems like only yesterday that I started talking to Melodee about them!

Just in case I have missed anyone with emails see below for the tools you will need:

Fingers crossed everything is here in time and nothing goes wrong! GULP!!!!

Paper Trimmer
1 1/2 inch round hole punch if they have one...or can use one I bring also.
5 x 7 Acrylic Block
4 x 4 Acrylic Block
2 x 6 inch Acrylic Block
Creamy Brown Cat eye ink pad
Black ink
Adhesive runner
stamp cleaner (clorox iwipes are my fave choice)
Crop a dile
Basic Grey sanding tool (emery board)
Beacons 3 - 1 glue (glossy accents is as close as I can come to an alternative)

See you on Saturday/Sunday or both!

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