Friday, 5 February 2010

Spring Fever 27th March

So who wants to join me for the next crop on the 27th March??????

Same venue, loads of fun and games and prizes galore...

You will need to bring a photo again but this time with the theme of you in the spring, any size and colour to fit into a 12 x 12" layout, all materials will be provided.

Special door prize with your entry ticket.

The challenge if you choose to accept it - make a gift with paper.

Donate a card to Charity CLAN this time make a blue card and win a goody bag for the randomly selected winner.

Sign up via email -, payment of £10 should be received before 12th March.


  1. Oh poo I won't get :-( We are travelling to Glasgow that afternoon as we fly off to Tunisia on the Sunday. Sounds good too!

  2. Sounds good to me.
    Better just check with him in doors first though. Or tell him, lol!

  3. Oh no - Its the school holidays and I will be in New York. I HATE missing things!! I am coming to visit you over the Feb weekend - next week.

  4. Oh I won't make it either Jacqui - will be in Tenerife by then...x0x0

  5. well i don't have a social life or holidays planned so i'll be there!

  6. Had a great day at your shop today Jacqui and have lots of new goodies to drool over - didn't take me long to spend my prize voucher! Thanks so much again. Got home safely just now

  7. I'll be there Jacqui,
    but please remember the music this time if we're playing pass the parcel --
    La la la !!! stop !!!
    Anne xxxx

  8. ha ha Anne that is sooo funny! Your were great!! Sorry to be missing it! Would love to have been there!
    Judy xx