Thursday, 25 March 2010

Today brings.....

Much sweetness and some lovely Basic Grey fabric that I have swished around the shop all afternoon, but I am so in love with these cute little cupcake stands!

Not long until the crop now and I am worryingly calm??? Off to see the Hairy Bikers tomorrow oooh Si King, yummy! We are in the 2nd row so hope he'll give me a wink, then we are off out for a scrumptious meal but don't worry I'll have my sensible head on....

See you all soon x


  1. That fabric is gorgeous just can't sew for toffee.
    Where are the hairy bikers going to be I love their accent.

  2. Hi Dawn, me too they are in the Music Hall in town. Cant wait!!

  3. Hi there Jacqui - a friend of Kath Stewart's here. I couldn't help but leave a comment when I saw you are a fan of Si King - and I thought it was only me that thought there's just something about him that makes you want to mother him. Better stop there before I go too far!!!!
    (you won't find a blog for me, I'm afraid)

  4. Oh you lucky thing, I love the Hairy Bikers lol, got all their cook books, not that I have tried any of their recipes yet mind, but they make me laugh so much lol - hope you had a great time