Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Who's going to help blow out the candle?

Not long now until we party (crop), so are you wearing a touch of pink? A feather boa? A bit of bling? or maybe just a little tiara?

Hope you are all coming along on Sunday to celebrate the shops first birthday - what a year, where did it go? Looking forward to playing some games and the fabulous make and take (clue - it's very me!)

The prize draw to name the dummy in the window has been extended, so all suggestions will be gratefully recieved, seems a shame to keep calling her dummy as she's no ordinary dummy, she might even manage to put on her party dress for Sunday!

Loads of news to share soon.......

Who's coming to Melodee's in May - there's still some places left and we'd love to see you there, ssssh but I have sneaked a peek inside the boxes (sorry but I couldn't help myself and I felt it only right to check the contents of the boxes were all present and correct! :)) and the kits look fabulous in the flesh, no photo could do then justice!!!!

Give me a ring if you haven't put your name down already for the classes or for the party and I'll book your space!



  1. Can't wait Jacqui ... Could the "make & Takes" involve Pink by any chance!!!!!!!!!

  2. Pink and a bit of bling maybe?
    Looking forwards to Sunday......keep that snow at bay!

  3. ooooh I hope you all have fun and that the weather improves before the weekend. Are the kits available to buy if not doing the classes jacqui?

  4. Jacqui hope your birthday bash goes with a bang, congratulations on making it this far. Kitty Krafts will be four on Thursday and we are having cake on Saturday. Enjoy your crop. Louise

  5. Can't wait for Sunday!!!

    PS I chose Grace for the dummy's name as it was elegant however for a blingy name it has to be Chantelle for me LOL