Wednesday, 25 August 2010

An award

Thank you to Jane who sent me a lovely award for the blog!

Now I have to send it to seven other blogs so here we go.....

Judy see her blog here

Kath see her blog here

Anne see her blog here 

Sarah see her blog here

Erika see her blog here

Sharon see her blog here

Kirsti see her blog here

Off to Norway for a few days, so will be back next week with the new workshop list and new stock!!!!


  1. Thanks for the award!! Have a great time in Norway...enjoy!!

    Sorry I can't make your crop on 4th Sept...we have friends leaving to go to Oxford and we are having a wee get together that day to say goodbye :(

    Judy x

  2. OOh thanks for the blog award.
    Enjoy Norway....x

  3. Did I say thank you for this yesterday - can't remember - but thank you again...hope you have a great trip to Norway!!!