Wednesday, 5 January 2011

What a grand day!!!

Had an absolutely lovely day today, it was good to see so many happy, friendly faces.

Met with Kath and Judy and their classes are going to be an absolute treat, Kath has some fantastic ideas that she is going to blow you away with and Judy is doing something very different with her prisma pencils (the mind boggles), can't wait to see the samples.

Kath's Hero demo day promises to be a day not to be missed so hope you can make it on the 22nd.

Judy's class is on the 15th, don't forget to book your space and be inspired!


  1. Sorry I didn't make it over yesterday Jacqui - you know what like - kids back at school and house to tidy up and shopping to be done!!!

    Sounds like you had a great day...see you soon (hopefully)...

    Kirsti xxx

  2. well my other half is offshore yet again for kath's demo so I'm coming anyway with the 3 kids, am determined not to miss another demo.