Friday, 22 April 2011


Just to let you all know that the shop is closed all the way through the Easter Weekend, DIY projects (and no doubt lots of bad language) on the cards for our little family this weekend - Help!!!!

Hope you all have a lovely Easter and don't eat too much chocolate x


  1. oh that's a shame - was thinking about taking Willow out for an Easter treat

  2. Hope you have a lovely Easter too Jacqui....although going by the arguing going on in my house I am now wishing it was 9am on Monday

  3. Have a great holiday Jacqui! Enjoy DIY -ing! I am hoping to get lots done too outside in the garden in this fine weather...lets hope hubbie share my enthusiasm...coz he will be doing most of it! LOL!!!

    See you soon!
    Judy x

  4. No hols for me, I'm working all my normal days. Roll on the holiday for "the" wedding and then May day the monday after!

    BTW what's chocolate?!!!

    Kat xx