Wednesday, 25 May 2011

One Sleepy Night!!!!

So it's only one sleepy night until Floral Finesse arrives in style at Simply Create, so go and check out some of Caroles' gorgeous work before she takes up residence on Thursday, when you can all come and feast your senses on all of the gorgeous flowers, there have been some rumblings on the horizon today with Carole starting on her window display - check out the sneaky peeks!!!! Can you guess what it is yet?????

Hmmmmm! Have I got you stumped???? Well, you will just have to come along to find out or maybe I will share some more pictures, if you are good.....

And another little sneak peek at the class that is being held today in store, will reveal more later!

Better go and make myself presentable for today! Have a good one.....


  1. Good luck to Carole...and the sneaky peek of the class looks intriguing..wish I was coming!!! X

  2. Best Wishes Floral Finesse !!!
    Anne x

  3. Uhooi,,
    waw,, It works good and creative,,