Thursday, 2 June 2011

The sun has got his hat on!!!!

Wowzer! What a fantastic hot day, and just want to wish Anne a Happy Birthday for today, hope you had a fabulous day with your family in the gorgeous sunshine!

Floral Finesse was back today and what better flowers to bring in today but sunflowers. (Can't actually believe that Carole actually found the roses that were in my wedding bouquet and equally can't believe that I forgot to buy some) - Bummer!!!!

Hope these make you smile today!


  1. Oooh sunflowers...I love them...that have such happy bright smiley faces....

    One day I will be over on a Thursday to purchase some flowers...not next week tho as I will be recovering in Manchester after seeing Take That the night before....xxxx

  2. Wonderful flowers! A little bit of sunshine brought inside!

    Hugs, Sandra