Friday, 21 October 2011

Spooktastic Creations!!!

Well the crafters of tomorrow were hard at work today creating some great wall/door art this morning, all of the girls worked really hard and their creative juices were overflowing, I had a great morning, only wish every morning could be spent with all these special girls ranging from age 5 to 12, who knows one day one of them might be running Simply Create!

The photos don't do these justice, this headless horseman from Molly comes complete with red poisonous bats and spiders topped up with a cauldron full of poison!!!

Poisonous bats and spiders and skulls and skeletons, check out the funky borders courtesy of the waste left over by the Martha Stewart punch! Fab ideas Kiera x

Best friends Lucy and Emma created the next two plaques, complete with cats with "bat" ties on their scary cats which were attached by wire springs so they jiggle when you open the door, funky 3d bats and loads of sparkle made these just stunning, well done girlies, brilliant ideas might have to borrow them!

How cute is Erin's purple cat with googley eyes? Sparkles spider and swooping scary bats, such a wee tootie but so very happy to just work away and this is totally all her own work, not once did she ask for help!!!
Stephanie blew me away today, so many cool ideas, what you can't see is all of the bones that Stephanie painstakingly 3d'd onto her skeleton and then the fog surrounding her house wasn't quite working out until we came up with ripping up angel hair and wow!!!!
Natalies brilliant ideas, bats on springs, popping out of frames, fog, cauldrons of posion and you might just make out the witch flying over the top of the frame, absolutely superb....
Thank you girls for all of the cool ideas and the super morning, can't wait until the next one now! (Apologies that I was later posting) x

Think everyone will agree that these are all fantastic, look out craft world there's a new generation about to take you by storm!


  1. Wow. They have done really well. Great work girls.

  2. Brilliant creations the girls have done...if I had known this was on I would have taken my girls over to keep their minds of other things:0(...well done to them all..they are fantastic...

    Kirsti xxx