Tuesday, 24 November 2009

A Little Bug....

Ooph I think we've came down with a bug here at the shop, ( A Cuttlebug so not too bad)!!! getting ready for next weekend, loads of planning going on, the make and takes are looking fabulous, we've got down to grunge and have so much to show you on the day.

Don't forget to pick up a lucky bag, I have reduced them all down to£10 each as the sale will be starting in January to amke way for loads of new stock which has already started to ship and arrive, the big prize is still in the basket, although we had one lucky lady win one £50 voucher and loads of little prizes have gone.

Post Christmas Party organisation is under way, will be in touch soon with the details! Something to brighten a dreich day!!!


  1. I've put my cuttlebug aside and will collect next time in Alford xx

  2. Still not been over yet Jacqui - not sure where this month has gone...lol...x

  3. Do I need a Pink Cuttlebug??????????????

  4. Good looking forward to the post Christmas party.
    Definitely something to brighten a cold winter January.

  5. Kirsti I know what you are saying, where did November go?????? I have never been this disorganised in my life no Xmas shopping as yet - eeek! Hope theres something left....

    And I know I NEED a pink cuttlebug anyone want to buy a second hand gree cuttlebug???

    Details later for party, Dawn and I will be there anyone else coming???