Sunday, 6 December 2009

Feeling Better now!

We've survived the bug! and my feet are just coming back to life now, we had a great day yesterday, and we were only left with one little cuttlebug left out of a total of 15 at the end of the day and pre orders for the pink cuttlebug went better than I could have imagined, I didn't realise that there were so many people like me that loved the colour pink and just had to have one! Now can I justify changing my expression for a pink one???? (Me thinks DH would have a BIG problem with that)!
Judy's class was brilliant as per usual and with a bit of luck and timing on our side we might be lucky enough to have a new tutor on board to show us all how to be queens of promarkers, as well as prismas so watch this space!
Right I am off to start decking the halls.....bleurgh bah humbug!!!


  1. you are a horror Jacqui! lol
    I really fancy a pink cuttlebug, but I would get shot

  2. So glad to hear that you are feeling better now! I know how hard it is to just "rest" - there's so much that needs to be done - lol!

    Love and hugs ~ Lori

  3. These will be GREAT demos as I've guessed who the Queen of the Promarkers is!!! Wish I could come along as working with Promarkers is something I'd love to learn more about and this lass you have lined up can fairly colour and shade... Have a good one and it was great that the bug spread so fast and lots of ladies went home with it! LOL ;D

  4. The Promarker demo sounds great...night have to justify a trip over to see my sister in Aboyne and come along!
    With luck she will be coming to your place to get me something for my if you see someone who looks like she doesn't have a clue that will be her lol!

  5. I'll keep my eyes peeled for her and try to be of some help!