Friday, 4 December 2009

Woo Hoo!

I just thought I'd let you know who won the top prize from the Lucky Bags, as I had an excited phone call this afternoon, and I am so chuffed for Sharon Sim, who bought the last two lucky bags from the shop on Monday morning via the phone ready for her SIL to pick up, but I said I'd post them out and not only did she win the £100 but also a £25 voucher too, so congratulations to Sharon and everyone else who took part by purchasing the bags and a big thank you to Blair and Rebecca who put the bags together so that I couldn't be at all biased at selling them, I had no idea what they had picked to put in them or where the vouchers went!

Might see you tomorrow if you're coming out to play or maybe you are attending Judy's Winter Song class, which is looking absolutely fabulous!


  1. Well done to the winner :D

    P.S. having fun with my new Cuttlebug - I love the frames I bought too to use with it - they are fab. Thanks to the other lady in the shop who helped me to choose them xx

  2. :( Please open an online shop :(
    Sharon has just been telling me about your shop and her prize and I'm sooooooo jealous!!! LOL
    Julie xx

  3. Woo Hoo!!

    Thanks once again Jacqui for the fantastic opportunity you gave us all to win these great prizes. I am over the moon and delighted with my wins and will have great fun choosing new stash :-)

    The kits themselves are fantastic value too - all things that I would buy anyway.

    PS I am chuffed that I thought at the last minute to ask my sister to collect them from you as she works in Alford otherwise I would never have phoned and bought the last 2.
    I am off to buy a lottery ticket for tomorrow.

    Hope your cuttlebug demo day goes well tomorrow.

  4. Just remember me if you win Sharon x

  5. hehehe Jacqui I didn't even get one number! LOL there is still Wednesday's draw LOL

    Special hello to Julie - she really, really does want you to open an online store LOL

  6. Oh well never mind better luck on Wednesday!

    Sad fact is I wouldn't have a clue how to open an online store, total technophobe! But never say never I guess....