Saturday, 16 January 2010

Fingers crossed...

Bare with me folks I am learning but if all has gone according to plan and my lugs aren't just painted on there should be a post above this one about blog candy, a big thank you to Debbi for a lovely class this afternoon and another thank you to Debbi and Kath for trying to explain how to blog properly, now not much left to do but press the button and see what happens.....

(edited to say - OMG it worked, think I deserve a wee g and t now)!


  1. Just a 'wee' one Jacqui - Have a large one...xoxo

  2. Hi Jacqui,

    I don't know if you know, but your blog is not showing properly in firefox :(
    It's fine in internet explorer, but maybe some people use firefox like me too who cannot see your posts.