Saturday, 16 January 2010

A Good Day to Craft.....

What a bleurgh day today, I still think I prefer this to snow if only for the reason that I can get to work (although stole the 4 x 4 today, see how DH likes it)!!!!

Debbis class is all ready to go, I would like to thank Kara publicly for all her efforts with the Stampin' Up card, she really has gone above and beyond to ensure that we were sorted out for this afternoon, so Thank You Kara, you really are the SU girl with the mostest!

As you might notice I've changed my background again, I think because it's the only thing I can do with any sort of confidence I am slightly addicted, does anyone have any suggestions as to where to go for nice templates. I am hoping to learn how to do a "sticky" and a link next, if I don'tI'll be changing by background as often as I change my undies!

Party plans are complete, justwaiting on one thing being confirmed then all the info will be up on here and sent via email, I am way too excited about the party, it promises to be a good day


  1. I love the new background Jacqui... and I am also looking forward to the party, can't wait for the details....xoxo

  2. Hi Jacqui , yes I did notice you'd changed your background twice since yesterday morning he! he!
    Looking forward to this afternoon with prismas at the ready.
    The party plans are certainly exciting - you have so many brilliant ideas and a few snippets might slip out OOOOOPS!!!!
    Anne xxx
    ps this is the second time I've tried to post so this might come up twice --- can I join you in The How Blog Training Club?

  3. You could try:

    for a range of blog backgrounds

    Hope you guys have a great day today crafting with Debbi and picking up all her colouring tips (you are so lucky)... meanwhile it's housework... washingsw and suchlike here today - not such fun (blahhhhhhhhh) xx

  4. Oh no Wendy - a day to craft housework, can wait, tomorrow I will play after a visit to Costco! We are reaching toilet roll crisis - NOT SO GOOD....
    Off to visit your suggestion, thank you so much x

  5. I love this background!
    I buy my backgrounds from House of 3. Rhonna Farrer is a co-owner. Google house of 3 and it'll come up.