Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Lack of sleep Nights!!!!

Aaah I've started getting all wound up, I knew it wouldn't be long, lists are running through my head all night long, worrying about everyone who is travelling has already started, my knickers are firmly in a twist now!!!!

More beautiful cards for the challenge, thank you so much for taking part!!


  1. Remember you are allowed to ask for help!! Let me know if I can do anything. Anyway it doesn't matter if it all doesn't run like clockwork, we'll have a great time anyway.

  2. I sent you an e-mail but not sure you got it??....was wondering if the card had to be all pink...I see a few have other colors on it. Mine has a girl with blue jeans and a litle green on a hat, papers are all pink though and I colored her gloves and shoes that okay? You can respond on my blog.


  3. There has been some lovely cards so far Jacqui...hope you are not getting too stressed about Saturday...hoping for no more snow...badge done and card started so getting there this end. Looking forwards to catching up with everyone.
    Sharon your card turned out lovely.