Saturday, 30 January 2010

Thank You.....

Just a few pics of today, everyone won a little prize for their badges, the vintage layout was won by Christine from Dundee and the star prize of a pink cuttlebug was won by Ruth from Craigievar (I only wish I had captured Ruth's face when she opened the parcel it was so lovely), the prizes on the hour every hour (or when we remembered as the case was), were won by Jaynee, Maureen, Shonagh, Isobel, Jenny and Fiona (think that was everyone), pass the parcel x 2 was won by Mary and Susan.

The vintage layouts were absolutely stunning, each and every one of them and the effort that was put into them was amazing.

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came on what was a nightmare of a day weatherwise.

Will save the other party games for next time when there is no snow on the ground and the sun is splitting the sky! Same venue as the village hall was an ideal little spot to crop and have some classes in the very near future, so watch this space.....


  1. Jacqui I am so glad that the day was still a success for you and those that attended. It sounds and looks like everyone who braved the elements had a great time. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of the make and takes and vintage LO.
    I was really disappointed not to get but had to make what I felt was the correct decision given the weather warning yesterday. I am hoping that you still go ahead with another one (the venue looks lovely and spacious).
    I hope you are off to put your feet up tonight!

  2. Aw wow! You guys look like you had a fabulous day in Alford despite the really snowy conditions today... I got as far as Aberdeen - needed a new warm coat to keep the wind out as you know it gets really cold in these parts!

    By the way, what an amazing 1st prize Jacqui - no wonder Ruth was delighted :D

  3. Glad you had a good day and what super prizes, congratulations to all the winners. Jacqui I hope you can relax a bit now after all your hard work. Gutted about not making it through but to be honest I was more worried about getting back home if the snow continued.
    Enjoy Sunday xxx

  4. Had a lovely afternoon Jacqui and loved the class. I will let you see the finished book!!! Eventually. Loved my prize :) Thanks for all the effort you put in ...flippin snow!!! See you soon Maureen

  5. Thank you for a super day on Saturday, so glad we made the effort to come up from Dundee (thanks to Edward for that). You had put such a lot of work into making it a great day for everyone; fab prizes, yummy food and wine and sweets galore. Only wished we lived closer so we could attend more classes. We were delighted to win prizes. Cann't wait for the next time. Love Isabel and Chris.