Sunday, 31 January 2010

What will tomorrow bring.....

Well it will bring a winner of the pile of stash for the challenge, the Pink Ladies first ever meeting announcement and another date for another crop/party for your diaries.

I have loads of new photos to upload for the card challenge but my internet connection is stop start today so it is not playing ball with the uploading of images, so apologies for not sharing them sooner, but bare with me.

Thanks to everyone for the kind thoughts and wishes, and I am so glad that everyone got home safe and sound. Next time with a bit of luck the sun might be shining...


  1. Looking forward to seeing the photos and hearing when the new date is! Fingers crossed it is a day I can manage :-) and lets hope for some sunshine :-)

  2. Oh I sooo wanted to come Jacqui but I am a scaredy driving in the snow now and avoid whenever possible... I too am looking forward to the photos - sorry haven't posted the card I made to you yet as I was going to hand it in yesterday... Is it too late???...xoxo

  3. I am posting my 'pink' card this morning Jacqui, should be with you tomorrow, fingers crossed!

    Jenny x

  4. Looking forward to the next event - hopefully it wont snow! So dissappointed that I couldn't make it.

  5. Pink card on it's way Mrs.
    Looking forwards to seeing what else you've got planned.