Thursday, 18 February 2010

Update on Lance

Okay I have spoken to Lance and the idea is small and initimate classes to be held in the shop, two classes 4 - 7 pm and 7 - 10 pm, approximately, so lots of individual attention and anyone who has been lucky to experience a class by Lance will know that you laugh from start to finish. I have the photos of the classes he is proposing to teach and out of the four classes I'd do them all, as they're all really lovely but I will try and choose wisely for everyone. All of the classes are mini books.
So hopefully this makes things clearer and let me know as soon as if you want to attend.


  1. Can I do both Jacqui if there is space...xoxo

  2. I have put your name down for both Kirsti x

    Will email you later on when hopefully I will have all the details sewn up!