Thursday, 4 March 2010

This made me laugh

Scrap - ne - sia: (skrap-ne'zh?)

Partial or total loss of memory of scrapbooking activities; forgetfulness; usually resulting from shock, psychological disturbance, stress or motherhood
◦Forgetting to get your photos developed
◦Forgetting to print your photos after you purchase a digital camera and printer
◦Forgetting to bring the supplies or photos to the crop you wanted to work on
◦Forgetting the perfect quote your child said as you took their picture
◦Forgetting to make it to the scrapbook store before they close or during your lunch break.
◦Totally forgetting to do anything other than Scrapbook!!!!!

Think this describes me so well but chuck in a certain level of stress and it would be bang on!!!

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  1. PMSL so that is what is wrong with me then?! xxx