Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Good to be back.....

We've had a few delivereies when I have been away and Anne has done a sterling job managing the shop/stock etc!!!

We now have the new Glitz Design papers in stock, along with the stamps and accessories to match and a gorgeous delivery of fabric landed all the way from the Netherlands too ( I am feeling new developments in the bags department coming on soon!). New buttons due in soon along with a top up of the old and another button delivery was put out today. A huge order for alterable items was sent the night before I left to Sweden so it won't be far away and we have a new Norwegian company and a German company to arrive on our doorstep very soon too (I didn't slack totally whilst I was away, managed to fit in some work and loads of crafty browsing and a little shopping too)! Norway is full to the brim of talented people who seem to be able to turn their hand to anything and everything so can't say too much but my Christmas shopping bags have a lot of handmade goodies in them.

I did something mad today, watch this space maybe something a little more tempting will develop soon.....


  1. ""I did something mad today, watch this space maybe something a little more tempting will develop soon.....""

    You can't say that and not spill!!!! Sounds like you had a great time away...x

  2. Good to have you back Mrs! looking forward to perusing lots of the new goodies and I soooo need some new buttons :)

    Well I wonder what mad thing you did? My mind is reeling!

    ~Judy xx

  3. welcome back, soudns like you had a great trip x

  4. Nice to have you back Jacqui. Have you seen how busy we've all been with our DT kits?

    You still going to the SECC on Sunday? Hope to see you there if you are.

    Kat xx

  5. welcome back Jacqui - sounds like a fab holiday to me
    but I'm very scared now - what have you done???? lol

  6. Glad it went well and you managed to get some new supplies and gifts. I'm intrigued by the mad thing it does you good to be mad once in a while lol. I've been fancying the Glitz papers so will be looking at them when I'm out for Kath's class.