Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Some sunshine....

So sometimes I get up to other projects and this year after much nagging I have been allowed to create a little dream of mine so I thought I would share it all with you....

And no it's not five burial plots - this is my new veggie patch! Only have two beds planted so far and that's maybe a good thing considering the frost there was this morning but hope that within time we can be relatively self sufficient on the veggie front!

Then there's this.........

soon to be transformed into a living area for some little feathered friends who will hopefully keep Erin my inhouse baker supplied with all the fresh eggs she will ever need!

And lastly some photos of my DH's DIY project which is near to completion (just needs hand rails), the air was more of a purple as opposed to blue whilst he was doing this, and it's a gorgeous place to sit in the morning with my first cuppa of the day or in the evening with a little glass of vino!, and the garden which is springing to life - the poor clematis plant that gave up on last year has flowers on it once again, so glad that I didn't have time last year to dig it out!
And for my next project, it's my knitted dog....

Boy oh boy, this ones not for the faint hearted baby Emmy needs her hair combed and her bunchies put in, her big black nose must be black and blue because of all the things she's bumping into, poor wee darling!


  1. Good on you Mrs!! Your outdoor area looks fabulous! You have spent your time well :)) My kids will be very jealous about your feathered friends as my boys are always nagging me to get some.

    Enjoy all the wonderful weather and hope we can catch up soon.

    Love Judy xx

  2. What a productive time you've had !!! Great stuff and well done Mr T. the decking looks fab ----- let me know when the official opening is on completion !!
    Anne x

  3. This all looks great Jacqui...I really really want prepared for a few more visits as my girls love them too after our farm camping trip a couple of years ago!!!

    Kirsti xx

  4. well I'm totally jealous of that lovely neat garden. but I certainly don't envy you grooming that dog lol, I take all my time to keep Pepsi under control and she's probably an eighth of the size lol

  5. Best of luck with your veggies and chicks! And I LOVE your knitted doggy!

  6. Wow Jacqui, everything is so tidy. Don't suppose there's any point in letting my hubby see the pics though. His idea of doing something useful is cutting the grass.

    I can understand why no-one wants to brush Emmy. Our cocker spaniel used to hate being brushed so she was often a mess. Guess that's the advantage of having a couple of nice smooth Labradors!!

    Kat xx

  7. Do you sub let the DH out, lol. Your garden is looking great. We had a veggie plot which has returned to nature what with college and babe. That is a job for me when its warmer.

  8. WoW `Gorgeous` tfs:) x