Wednesday, 4 May 2011


But can't tell you all yet but just had to do a little whoop to the world!!! Something a little fresh and different and VERY creative!!!!!

Been up to my eyes today in classes and had two lovely visitors today who we've not seen for a while and let's just hope Jenni was inspired when she left as we need to grab her talents when we can and may have another very big surprise up our sleeves - wink*wink* Jenni!!!!

Finished off the day with party invitations, another birthday party on the calendar soon - Did you know that we do kids classes and parties? Good fun, loads of crafty goodies and maybe the odd sausage roll - yummy yummy!

More class prep tonight - two words tonight - backside and gear!!!


  1. Wow sounds like you have had a very busy day and could do with an

    See you tomorrow night...xx

  2. Sounds very interesting Jacqui do tell more!

  3. Hello! Did you get my message?

    I will be in on the 14th with my Mum for her class so we can maybe talk then?


    Sophie x

  4. sounds like a very busy bit enjoyable day x

  5. I wish I lived a bit closer to Alford, I would love to attend some of the classes, but hey ho, I'll just have to keep watching and learning from here. Looking forward to hearing all the exciting news ahead.
    Suzi x

  6. OOOOOOO !!!!! Wish I'd been a fly on the wall !!! Can't wait to find out ---- Jenni is very talented !!!!
    Anne x